"Our Hero"

Ill tempered, eccentric, lover of jazz, good coffee, and the finer things in life. How he ever found his way here is a story in itself


Moody, angry, snippy... Whattaya expect, he's cold blooded.


Born and raised in the small community of Harvey, ND. All she ever wanted to do was live in the big city. She really should have set her sights higher...


Trombonist, don't hold it against him. He's generally a nice guy.


Chris' roomate, dear friend, and unfortunatly a sassy lassie.


Dealing with a slight addiction to Final Fantasy XI.


Squal-Mart maiden, and fashion guru for a town that considers blaze orange the new black.


It's only when we face death that we discover that we have nothing to fear, and begin to realize that he isn't really that bad of a guy after all.


Bassist, smoker, beer drinker, the common 20-something musician.


Drummer, ladies man, grocery clerk... in that order.


Saxiphonist, graphic design major, bloody hippy.


Smoother then yogert in a blender, smarter then Einstein on LSD, and somehow, still going to school in North Dakota.


Barista for the local Ishmael coffee chain. Foxy, red headed, and more high strung than an orbital violin. (DUDE, it's the only pun I could think of).


Bill is our heros own personal demon, and would be doing a much better job of it if he could just believe in his work again.

"Mongo" (Charles "Chuck" Pentingdon III)

Chuck is Bills good friend, and is helping him get through a very troubling time right now. He is also settling into a new duity...that of Chris' Guardian Angel.

Uncle Jay

Owner of the "Black Hearted Bastard" Ranch...and a whole lot more. Why ruin the surprise?


Head of the "Black Hearted Bastard" Ranch. Meanest cowpoke this side of San Fransisco.


Head cook for the "Black Hearted Bastard Ranch. Makes a mean Tapioca puddin'.

And he loves chainsaws...oh yes he does.


Chris' sister, and one stone cold fucking bitch let me tell you.


Chris' high school boyfriend. Ever wonder what the scum of the earth feeds on?

The University

North Dakota U. Home of the "Fighting Enuch Chuck", and the only Marine Biology program within 1,200 miles of a coast.

The City

If cities were a living thing, this one should have been euthanized a century ago.

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