3XL SHIRTS ARE SOLD OUT!!! Small and Medium shirts are going QUICK! I still have plenty of Large, and XL Shirts in stock, so if you want one of the smaller sizes, you better order fast. There will be at least a 6 week turnaround between the time I order more shirts, and the time I GET more shirts, so make certain you order and order NOW to get yours before supply runs out.

Shirts are $15.00 +$3.00 Shipping and handling. There are a limited number of shirts left, and after sizes are gone, there will be at least a month in between printings.

Mongo sizes are 2 dollars extra.

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Warning Label T-Shirt

PREORDERS for the Warning Label T-Shirt are now CLOSED! This shirt may be offered again at some point depending on weither or not there is enough demand for it.

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